What Rich People Know About Life Insurance That You Don’t Know

4 things wealthy people know about insurance

Okay, so your life insurance won’t be paid out until you’re gone. You know that, right? What you don’t know that many of the most successful and affluent individuals throughout the world know is that life insurance is a cornerstone element of their financial planning, and it’s true aside from the fact that insurance may […]

Veterans On Board to Defend Obamacare

Veterans On Board to Defend Obamacare

Billy Ramos, 53, of Simi Valley, Calif., is an Air Force veteran who receives Medicaid — the government insurance program for low-income people — for himself and his family. He says he relies on the coverage, especially because his work as a self-employed contractor in the heating and air conditioning industry is physically demanding. “If […]

The Ultimate Tips for Buying the Right Insurance for 2017

Requirements of Using a Death Benefit Only Plan

Major life events make it critically important to construct a financial security net, and buying the right insurance is a cornerstone element of that security net. That said, it’s all the more remarkable that a survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates International found an entire generation is woefully underinsured. Insurance costs much less than you […]

GOP Health Bill A Mixed Bag – Good News and Bad – For Millennial Generation

Health Coverage Millennial Generation

Darlin Kpangbah receives free health insurance through Medicaid and is grateful for the coverage in case of accidents, such as when she tore a ligament in her leg a few years ago. “I feel like I’m injury-prone,” said Kpangbah, 20, who lives in Sacramento, Calif. Without insurance, she said, the injury “would’ve been huge to […]

Home Health Care: Resisting Help Leads to Danger

Home Health Care: Resisting Help Leads to Danger

It is important to understand that resisting help in the form of home health care can lead to great danger. As he spoke to a social worker about being discharged from the hospital, the 84-year-old man was adamant: he didn’t want anyone coming into his home, and he didn’t think he needed any help. As […]

The Latest Insurtech News From LifeQuotes.com

Insurtech Business Model Using Smart Technology to Advance Insurance Industry

While the insurance industry has lagged behind other areas of finance when it comes to developing and adopting the latest technologies, the high percentage of business carried out on paper will drop through the floor in the coming months.