Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Fundamentals of life insurance What’s covered and not covered on the modern life insurance policy? What is the difference between term and whole life insurance? What is the difference between “guaranteed issue” and “accidental death” insurance? What are the differences between life insurance companies? Why are some less expensive than others? What does “waiver of […]

Carrie Fisher’s Death Cost Insurance Companies $50 Million

carrie fisher huge insurance policy

Lloyd’s of London and Exceptional Risk Advisors will write a huge check to Disney While Carrie Fisher’s death saddened her fans around the world, it also brought tears to the eyes of insurance executives who wrote a policy to Disney to cover their potential losses in the event Fisher couldn’t fulfill her three movie deal with […]

Metlife Settles Unpaid Benefits Claims With 22 States

MetLife settles unpaid benefits claims

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company has signed a multi-million dollar settlement with 22 states that resolves allegations of improper practices by MetLife in benefits under life insurance policies that had gone unpaid for years.

The agreement is expected to deliver millions of dollars in death benefits to state controllers’ offices, which will then seek to find the beneficiaries and pay them their benefits.

If I’m Single and Working, Should I Purchase Life Insurance?

If I'm Single and Working, Should I Purchase Life Insurance?

Those who may be the least inclined to have a life insurance could be in the position to benefit the most from the financial security a policy can offer.

A new report “Basic Economic Security Tables for the United States” on family economic security released by the non-profit organization Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW) details the challenges that many Americans face in covering their basic expenses and what type of income it would take to save for their futures.

Do Insurance Needs Change As People Age?

Are You Ever Too Old to Buy Life Insurance?

Longevity was in the news recently as a 114-year old Montana resident gained global attention for achieving the distinction of being the world’s oldest man.

In general, advances in medical technology and healthy lifestyle information have been helping Americans live longer than ever, although the large majority will still never make it to age 100.

FEMA Urges Homeowners not to Gamble on Flood Insurance

FEMA Urges Homeowners not to Gamble on Flood Insurance

The Federal Emergency Management Agency issued a statement Monday, warning homeowners that it could be a dangerous move to decide against purchasing flood insurance if they live in an area that could be affected by such an event.

Federal coordinating officer Brad Harris said “if more people knew the real risks and were aware of the real odds we’d have a lot more people signing up for flood insurance,” adding that roughly a quarter of all flood losses occur outside of even so-called “100-year floodplains.” This means that consumers must work to educate themselves about their real risks of suffering home damage from a flood.

Report: Chronic Disease and Disability Could Harm Readiness for Disaster

Chronic disease and disability

People with incurable diseases like diabetes and those who suffer from other types of disability are less likely than their healthier peers to be adequately prepared in case of a hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster, according to research set for publication in next month’s American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

What’s The Connection Between Stress And Heart Disease?

How Do I Prepare for a Life Insurance Physical Exam?

Chronic stress – whether it comes from daily traffic, an unhappy marriage, or an unreasonable boss – has been linked to a wide range of harmful health effects, according to the Harvard Medical School. But can stress cause heart disease?

What Are The Dangers Of Indoor Tanning?

indoor tanning dangers

The American Academy of Dermatology Associations applauds the New York City Board of Health and their unanimous decision on adopting stricter indoor tanning regulations.