How Does Air Quality Affect Health?

air quality and health

Constant breathing of cold air can cause problems for people with bronchitis, COPD and emphysema. Actually working outdoors in cold climates can lead to lung conditions and premature aging.

Protecting Your Online Content and Reputation

Protecting online content

Many people, through personal and professional endeavors, are posting online. Whether it be a creative writing venture, an email to a family or friend, or posting for a blog; you are leaving your digital footprint. So how can you protect your online content? Content theft is rampant on the Internet, so how do you secure your content? When plagiarized, your reputation […]

What is Home-Based Business Insurance?

Who is Tony Steuer?

For example, if you have a tutoring business in your home and one of your students becomes injured due to a fall on your property, you want to have the best coverage in place.

Want to Be Happy? Here’s How.

safe place for child play

Happy people agree that regardless of how strong and self-reliant you are, negative, counter productive environment are contaminants.

Being Safe Memorial Day Weekend

memorial day ideas

According to National Highway Traffic and Safety Association, in 2012 there were 377 crash related fatalities during the Memorial Day weekend. The following tips will help remind you to drive safely

Candles can be Soothing yet Dangerous

Memorial Candle

But FEMA states that on average, 42 home candle fires are reported every day. The higher risk when candles are used as a heat source. Over fifty percent of home fires start because the candle is situated next to combustible materials.

Injuries From Pool Chemicals

chemical pool injuries

Nearly half of these preventable injuries were in children and teenagers and more than a third occurred at a home. Pool chemical injuries were most common during the summer swim season beginning on Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Can I Get Life Insurance With Hepatitis?

Can I Get Life Insurance With Hepatitis?

Hepatitis life insurance underwriting for A or B is not usually a problem especially if the virus was long ago and there are no positive results when tested. But everything depends on the severity of your condition. However, if you have chronic Hepatitis C, and had been a drug user, this will affect your ability to get insurance.