All I Want for Christmas is a Trusted Life Insurance Agent

All I Want for Christmas is a Trusted Life Insurance Agent

According to experts, the core value that everyone looks for before a good price of a product or service is if it has been supported by ethical behavior. Do you as an agent or service provider exemplify the highest standards of professionalism?

Though most in the insurance industry represent these initiatives, many consumers still back away from trusting the judgment of a so-called expert because the media constantly reminds us of insurance fraud and other threats to look out for.

On the other hand, according to McGill’s Legal Aspects of Life Insurance, recent studies show that policyholders are pleased with the performance of their agents and their companies. Seventy five percent indicate the service by their agent is very good and excellent. Unfortunately, the public still has a negative view of the industry.

The following offers tips of a good agent:

Telling the Truth

Look for someone who is willing to answer your questions truthfully and if he or she does not know the answer, they are willing to research for the correct answer rather than filling in the blanks with an assumption.

Willing to Talk

A good agent will check with you periodically and discuss your needs at the very least, once a year. He or she should be available to return your calls in a timely manner. Some experts comment that you can never talk to a customer/client too much.

Enjoys Problem Solving

The ability to listen, empathize and not come up with a sale but a solution to the client’s needs is a must for an agent. A positive attitude and high energy resolution guidance should be of the highest qualities.

Knowing the Company Behind the Product

Have the agent explain the company, its years in business and its financial strength. Ask how the company assures sound business practices. If working for more than one company, a strong agent will stand behind a wide array of products.

Agent Representation

It is important to understand if the agent is independent and how he or she is connected. But the most important idea is for the agent to be honest with the client and live by that truth.


Edward Graves commented on how he would not like to be operated on by a surgeon who had not improved his technique or read a medical book since he had graduated med school. Participating in specific associations and taking continuing education classes is important to keep up-to-date. Good agents understand tax and legal aspects and how they can fit the clients financial situation.

Understanding the Policy

An exceptional agent will explain the policy reviewing paragraph by paragraph if necessary. Customer misconception creates negative fallout. The customer generally has thirty days to decline a purchased product. This is the time to make sure they understand what they have bought.