Are light cigarettes better for my health?

Are light cigarettes better for my health?

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Smokers have long been aware of the serious health risks and financial drawbacks. Over the years, many smokers decided to switch to menthol or light cigarettes since they both offer a less harsh-tasting alternative and were believed to be better for one’s health.

Studies report that menthol cigarettes are noticeably on the rise because they are easier to smoke  – especially for teens. Kool menthol cigarettes were introduced in 1933, and according to the Food and Drug Administration, had a therapeutic edge in the industry.

“Rest your throat with Kool” was the slogan they advertised, but in 1942, the Federal Trade Commission filed a suit for false advertising and won. Salem was introduced in 1956 and sales skyrocketed since this was another menthol with a filter. Salem bypassed the sales of Kool. Newports were also introduced then the “light” product wasn’t nearly as successful.

During the seventies, Kool was back in the game and at one point accounted for 60 percent of the menthol cigarette market among African Americans under age 35. Newports regained potential and became the best-selling cigarette in 1993. Finally, Marlboro Menthols – originally introduced in 1965 – gained popularity and became the leading brand in 2003.

Until the early 70s, the average American believed the misconceptions that menthol and “light” cigarettes were a better choice for your health. But eventually research surfaced and become greatly well-known that all cigarettes, cigars and pipes are dangerous to your health, in fact, there isn’t one less hazardous than another.

Data has proven that people can quickly reduce overall health risk by knocking the smoking habit, and adopting a lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating.