Best types of life insurance policies for firefighters

Best types of life insurance policies for firefighters

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Firefighting is a dangerous career, and requires sufficient health insurance policies because of the risks involved. At the front lines of a fire, firefighters are exposed to a plethora of chemicals and carcinogens. They are risking their daily lives to protect others people and their possessions.

Though firefighters are granted life insurance policies through their work, it may not be enough to cover their needs.

If you are a volunteer firefighter or work in emergency services, there are different types of benefits that you may be an option for you. Many states have liberal Workman’s Compensation benefits in the event of an accident, but waiting periods can cause problems.

A great resource that gives firefighters important information about mortgage loans, auto insurance, health and life benefits is the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). Not only do they provide partnerships with mortgage loan companies, but offer health care plans for retired firefighters. The IAFF provides information concerning long term car plans, indemnity dental services as well as small business health plans.

Some insurance providers offer discounts to firefighters, which include accidental death and line of duty death benefits. Check into local associations within your state that can provide more information. If you are a firefighter or EMT, check with an insurance agent specializing in special rates for emergency services careers.