8 smart steps for buying life insurance

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How to find coverage that meets your needs and budget Life insurance can form a vital part of your family’s financial stability and well-being but, if you’re like most people, you may find the thought of shopping for the right type of coverage a little daunting. Fortunately, these eight simple steps can guide you along […]

How Do I Pick a Life Insurance Company?

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Roughly 1,000 life insurance companies sell life insurance in the U.S., but many are members of groups of companies and so aren’t really competitors with each other. Having separate companies enables a group to offer its products through separate distribution channels, to more efficiently meet the regulatory requirements of particular states, or to achieve other […]

How Should I Choose A Life Insurance Agent?

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When you’re considering buying life insurance, it’s important to choose an agent or broker who can help you. Buying life insurance can be complicated or confusing. The key to buying the right amount and the right type of policy at a good rate is a good agent or broker. You should choose one who: Understands […]

How Is Life Insurance Sold?

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You can buy life insurance either as an “individual” or as part of a “group” plan. Individual Policy When you buy an individual policy, you choose the company, the plan, and the benefits and features that are right for you and your family. You might be able to buy the policy from the same agent […]

4 Riders that Limit Coverage on a Life Insurance Policy

4 Riders that Limit Coverage on a Life Insurance Policy

Insurance companies may add certain riders or endorsements to the base contract to limit their liability under the base policy. The most common forms of limitations are the war rider, the aviation rider, the hazardous occupation or hazardous avocation rider, and the limited-benefit-period rider. War Rider The war rider provides that insurance will not pay […]

Is the Insured a Legal Party to a Life Insurance Contract?

Is the Insured a Legal Party to a Life Insurance Contract?

It is the insurability of the insured that is the linchpin of the agreement between the insurer and the policyowner. It is the termination of the insured’s life that marks the liability of the insurer to pay the face amount of the policy at death, and it is the insured’s life that determines the date […]

9 Ways that the Professionals Compare Life Insurance Policies

9 Ways that the Professionals Compare Life Insurance Policies

At best, life insurance is a very complicated product that is extremely difficult to evaluate and compare. Life insurance policies are complex amalgams of varying legal, financial, and probabilistic elements that cannot really be reduced to an all-encompassing unitary measure for comparison purposes. However, there are a number of commonly used measures or methods for […]

Life Insurance Company Service and Fairness to Policyholders

The quality of a company’s service is difficult to quantify, but nonetheless an important criterion in company selection. Look for evidence regarding the company’s turnaround time for requests for information, policy loans, initial underwriting and application processing, and processing of death claims as well as other administrative matters. The company may provide statistics on such […]