Eating Disorders And Life Insurance Coverage

eating disorder life insurance

First, talking to a qualified insurance specialist is always the best option since now there is guaranteed life insurance available for those who do not want to submit to a medical exam though medical history questions are asked

How Should I Choose A Life Insurance Agent?

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When you’re considering buying life insurance, it’s important to choose an agent or broker who can help you. Buying life insurance can be complicated or confusing. The key to buying the right amount and the right type of policy at a good rate is a good agent or broker. You should choose one who: Understands […]

How Is Life Insurance Sold?

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You can buy life insurance either as an “individual” or as part of a “group” plan. Individual Policy When you buy an individual policy, you choose the company, the plan, and the benefits and features that are right for you and your family. You might be able to buy the policy from the same agent […]

Fixed Annuities: A Top Security Asset For Women

Fixed Annuities Can Be a Top Security Asset for Women

But by its design an annuity works a little differently. An annuity offers guaranteed income for life, if you choose it to work that way. And you invest money into it same as you would any other money market account, like a 401k.
This is particularly likely for women, according to a recent report by New York Life Insurance Company, who traditionally endure a significantly longer retirement than men despite weathering the same economic conditions beforehand. The company said that women accounted for 64 percent of customers with fixed immediate annuities in 2009.

What An Insurance Company Owes Its Clients

What a Life Insurance Company Owes Its Clients

A life insurance company owes certain obligations to its customers. Selling a policy is similar to making a promise, and it is one that businesses do not take lightly. Insurance companies are responsible for creating successful products, marketing them ethically, adhering to underwriting procedures, and, if necessary, compensating customers. First and foremost, product development is […]

Providing Low Life Insurance Rates Since 1984

lowest life insurance rates has been providing the lowest life insurance rates in an online or over-the-phone quoting process for the past 36 years. Our quote engine is unique in that it will take the information you provide about your health, family health history, and lifestyle and filter it to offer you the top plans that are best […]

How Can I Replace a Permanent Life Insurance Policy?

How Can I Replace a Permanent Life Insurance Policy?

Because of the cash-value elements and its complexities, it is much more difficult to analyze a permanent life insurance policy in a potential replacement situation. Also, there are many different types of permanent policies. The worksheet provided here offers assistance on any policies that builds cash value, including whole life, universal life, variable life, variable universal life, and other variations.

What Would Designate You a Tobacco User by Life Insurance Companies?

What Would Designate You a Tobacco User by Life Insurance Companies?

In any event or situation, the usage of tobacco will increase your premium; the only question is by how much. Every life insurance company treats the different forms of tobacco – cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco – in their own fashion, which is why companies will ask you very specific questions during the application process.

What Is a Life Insurance Policy Rider?

What Is a Life Insurance Policy Rider?

Traditional policies usually leave little room for modification or customization, except for deductibles and amount of coverage. Policy riders allow policy owners to create a life insurance policy that fits their specific needs, for an extra premium.