Report: Consumers Stuck With Outdated Life Insurance Information

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Many are basing the purchase of life insurance on old assumptions. Some, as they age, feel it is a waste of money, thinking they have enough assets and they are healthy. But life happens all the time and unfortunately, we better be prepared for it. Inevitably, true stories bubble to the surface and there are many of them to share.

Do You Know Who Is Liable for Falling Ice?

falling ice liability

Not only can you be struck by falling ice but your car or vehicle can be damaged as well. Streets around the city of New York were recently closed due to shearing ice and in Chicago, signs throughout the downtown are are now warning pedestrians of falling ice.

Traveling To Mexico Can Increase Life Insurance Rates

mexico travel increase life insurance rate

For example, if there is a high risk for travel, foreign visitors from the U.S. may find themselves in a situation where there is a chance of being kidnapped when traveling by foot or land, or they may be unable to get a flight out of the country if civil or political unrest erupts.

Stranger Originated Life Insurance Is Illegal

stranger originated life insurance fraud

There is no reasonable circumstance that would justify an insurance company issuing an annuity to someone who is terminally ill or in severely poor health, and that’s according to LISA, the Life Insurance Settlement Association. But regardless of that stance, it’s a trending scheme among those engaged in insurance fraud. Agents involved in these schemes will […]

The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

Texting while driving

The Department of Transportation proposed making an interim ban on texting while operating commercial vehicles and buses a permanent federal rule.

How Autism Spectrum Disorders Affect Life Insurance


Every day, millions of Americans living with autism and their families face difficult challenges that many of us will never fully understand. Even when applying for life insurance later in life, the severity of autism spectrum disorders can affect acceptance and premiums. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that 1 in 68 […]