Life Insurance Leaves Behind a Legacy of Love

Does a Stay-At-Home Caregiver Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance is used as a way of leveraging assets when transferring property to younger generations. Life insurance recipients can be adult children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. In a matter of speaking, life insurance leaves behind a legacy of love.

Transferring assets depends on whether they are adults or minors. They may also own personal policies but even so, they can be considered beneficiaries on other policies.

How Will You Fund Your Child’s Education?

How Will You Fund Your Child's Education?

And what about children who have special needs and are permanently disabled. This is a very individual decision depending on what the child needs but it can be a lifelong situation and important to talk with a financial planner that offer the best results.

Why Children Need Life Insurance

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Every child should be covered in some way with life insurance. Losing a child is unthinkable but you have to be realistic and the loss of a child can cause real financial hardships.

How to Prevent Your Child From Drowning

prevent drowning

Three year old Ella nearly drowned after she reached the pool to rescue her cat. She was found in the pool face down and not breathing. Johnny, Ellas father began CPR and she regained consciousness.

Transferring Insurance Proceeds to Children if You Die

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A car accident. A fire. A plane crash. Tragedy can strike a family at any time. What would happen to your young children if you and your spouse died unexpectedly? It’s an uneasy thought, certainly, but it’s a consideration that all parents should take seriously.

Keep an Eye on Your Teen Driver

Keep an Eye on Your Teen Driver

First, having a camera mounted in the car puts new drivers on notice that they are being monitored, encouraging safer operating habits. Additionally, the cameras can provide evidence for parents of teens who persist in driving recklessly, allowing them to levy punishments or teach lessons about safety behind the wheel.

Exercise During Pregnancy Reduces Newborn Obesity

Exercise During Pregnancy Reduces Newborn Obesity

Beyond helping women gain less weight, exercise can also have positive have positive effects on mood and insulin sensitivity, and can help women maintain their pre-pregnancy strength and figure.

Life Insurance For Single Mothers

Does a Stay-At-Home Caregiver Need Life Insurance?

As a result of surveyed single mothers, many felt that their children would not be taken care for any significant amount of time financially. Life insurance was out of the question.

What Happens After Your Death?

What Happens After Your Death When You Hold Life Insurance?

Have you really thought about who will take care of your children needs in the event that something happens to you? Its not just about life insurance but a thorough estate planning portfolio.