Murder for Life Insurance – The Black Widows

Murder for Life Insurance - The Black Widows

On April 18, 2008, Helen Golay 78, formerly of Santa Monica, California, and Olga Rutterschmidt 75, formerly of Hollywood, California, were convicted of the murders of two homeless men—Paul Vados in 1999 and Kenneth McDavid in 2005. According to reports, Golay and Rutterschmidt staged Vados and McDavid’s deaths to appear as hit-and-run accidents in order […]

Personal Reflections On Life Insurance

life insurance mistakes

Reasons behind purchasing or not purchasing a life insurance policy will vary across the board as everyone has their own interpretation of what life insurance means.

Mothers Day Gift of Life Insurance: Tony’s Story

Are There Options of Policy Dividends in Life Insurance Products?

Not only that, he still felt responsible to take care of the extras for his adult daughter who sometimes needed a lift chair to get up and down the stairs, constantly adding the medical adjustments to his home as necessary. But his house was old, dated and needed so much repair.

The 11 Goofiest Insurance Fraud Schemes of All Time

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It’s no secret that many insurance fraud schemes involve murder, illicit activities, and mountains of debt. And of course, many involve idiots. Yes, people have been known to attempt the dumbest feats to get a quick payout, oftentimes getting caught in the process and facing probation, hefty fines, and time in the slammer.

Is Whole Life Insurance Being Overlooked?

Whole life insurance

When its owner for more than four decades passed away suddenly, Troy Belting and Supply Co in Watervliet, N.Y. could have collapsed, as do many family businesses that lose their leaders. Instead, the company continued to operate and grow, thanks in part to a succession plan funded by life insurance.