Making Premium Payments

Making Premium Payments

To an authorized agent When payment of a renewal premium is made to an agent who is authorized to receive payments, there are generally no problems as long as the agent forwards the payment to the insurer according to McGill’s legal Aspectsof Life Insurance. To the policy owners agent It should be clear that payment […]

Haunting Experiences For Families Without Life Insurance

The end of your term policy isn’t necessarily the end of your policy. Its just the end of the time frame, So lets say you have a 10 year term designed with the same premium for ten years. If you have a convertible term policy you have the right to exchange your term for a […]

How is Your Insurance Affected by Wildfire Safety?

How is Your Insurance Affected by Wildfire Safety?

California governor declares a state of emergency as wildfires have broken out in the San Diego area, causing thousands to evacuate including California State University campus in which students are currently in the middle of final exams. Drought conditions and dry wind continue to create a volatile situation. Nine fires in all were burning an […]

Effects of Daylight Savings on the Body

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According to research, losing an hour in Spring is more difficult for the body to adjust. Because in actuality, we are disturbing our entire 24 hour clock.

Insuring Body Parts

Is Workplace Violence Covered Under Business Liability Insurance?

“Most of us have seen and heard of body part coverage,” says Mark Petersen, a partner of Petersen International Underwriters based in Valencia, Calif. Petersen International Underwriters provides customized disability insurance for Lloyd’s of London. “We’ve seen entertainers whose legs have been insured, an entertainer whose rear-end is insured, the smiles of famous people insured, […]

Why Should I Buy Permanent Life Insurance?

How Can I Replace a Permanent Life Insurance Policy?

A permanent life policy provides lifelong insurance protection. The policy pays a death benefit if you die tomorrow or if you live to be a hundred. There is also a savings element that will grow on a tax-deferred basis and may become substantial over time. Because of the savings element, premiums are generally higher for […]

Choosing The Right Type Of Life Insurance

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Choosing the right type of life insurance can be confusing, but it’s also an important decision. Here are some guidelines that can help you narrow down your best life insurance options. Consider term life insurance if… You need life insurance for a specific period of time. Term life insurance enables you to match the length […]