Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Storm-Related Flooding?

If you don’t like Chicago weather, give it a minute and it will change. Isn’t that an understatement? But all joking aside, when your basement floods from a storm, most people don’t realize that their homeowners insurance will cover weather-related flooding in my home?

But how can you prepare for flooding one day at a time.

· Make sure water outside of your home can flow freely

· Fire hydrants should be cleared from snow and debris

· Make sure items are placed on shelves rather than cluttering the basement floor

· If you see a flooded road, call your local police

· Keep storm sewer grates on your street clear

· Check plumbing and sump pump

· Make sure cracks and crevices are sealed

· Make sure floor drains are in good working order

· Basement windows wells should be checked for leaks

Ask you insurance agent to give you a recommendation concerning plumber or other contractors that may assist you if the unexpected happens.

Will your insurance cover the water damage if it should flood due to weather? The Insurance Information Institute offers this rule of thumb: water that comes from from top down (ice dams, for example) is generally covered, but when water comes from the bottom up, such as in flooding, it’s not covered.

Sewer back up is generally covered and if your home suffers from a leaking roof, many times the roof is not covered but damaged contents are that is why it is essential to check with your insurance specialist on the type of coverage you have and your concerns.

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