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Every State’s Department of Insurance Is a Watchdog

Every state has a Department of Insurance that regulates the industry, but is also a source of guidance and knowledge to consumers to keep oneself informed of scams and how to find the right company for your needs.

In other words, the department is a watchdog for the industry and the consumer. Each state’s Department of Insurance regularly will investigate and audit claims made to them by insurers or consumers. And with the help of law enforcement, the department can compile evidence to bring charges against fraudsters.

According to the Department of Financial Services for New York, avoiding insurance fraud really means using common sense. They provide guides to auto, homeowners, long-term car and health insurance industries as well as understanding annuity products.

The following provides valuable advice to avoid becoming a victim:

-Do your research

-Know your agent or broker

-Always respond to any notices from insurance company

-Keep insurance papers in secure file to avoid identity theft

-Get receipt for payments made

-Get a copy of policy

-Read your policy documentation thoroughly

-If using your life insurance as an investment, understand exactly what is taking place and benefits that are being offered.

It is estimated that insurance fraud costs the United States over $80 billion dollars or more a year. The Division of Insurance Fraud in Florida is ranked as one of the leading examples of departments that fight against insurance fraud. Contact your state authorities if you have questions about possible insurance fraud and understanding the process to file a complaint.