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Female HIV Awareness Day: Life Insurance Is Possible

National Women's and Girls HIV Awareness Day: Life insurance is not impossibleBy Karla Sullivan

HIV is a significant health issue for women and girls. HIV and life insurance is not an impossible combination. In 2013, one out of five of the estimated 47,165 new diagnoses of HIV infection were among women and girls over age 13. While these numbers are high, the rate of HIV has decreased since 2009.

The rate of HIV infection among African American women remains the highest among all women, 19 times that of white women and almost 4 times that of Hispanic/Latina women.

In the past, it was impossible to get life insurance with HIV/AIDS. But more and more, states and companies are trying to tailor insurance needs for HIV. If you are working and suffering from HIV, group employment life plans are the best way to go. But if looking beyond the workplace, talk to a trusted insurance specialist that may offer some suggestions about life insurance that covers critical illness insurance.

Guaranteed Life Insurance

One of the best solutions for HIV is guaranteed life insurance. This type of policy provides limited life insurance coverage and generally does not require any medical history questions or a health exam. However, some guaranteed life companies require questions concerning smoking, long-term hospital stays or terminal illness. Many also ask the infamous question: do you have HIV/AIDS?

Every year throughout the month of March, federal, national, and community organizations come together to offer support and hope, reduce stigma, share information and empower women and girls to learn the importance of HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment. This year marks the 10th observance of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

While there are many milestones in HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment, it is important to recognize that the disease affects women all across the country. Some women are living with HIV while working and taking care of families. Other women are caregivers to family members or friends with HIV/AIDS.

While there are many milestones in the life insurance industry concerning HIV/AIDS, it is still a difficult illness to insure. But, having a trusted agent that can research various companies and ask the questions for you is key to the best available policy.

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