Fire Administration Outdoor Cooking Safety Report

Fire Administration Outdoor Cooking Safety Report

The U.S. Fire Administration’s report on outdoor cooking safety says to watch out for grease build-up and placing the grill too close to flammable surfaces.

The location of a barbecue grill is important for outdoor cooking safety. The USFA report recommends positioning it away from a situation where sliding is possible.

In addition, the grill is safest when it is away from overhanging branches and where there can be a lot of foot traffic. Children and pets are better off at least 3 feet away from the radius of the outdoor cooking source. Also, remove any fat or grease build-up from the tray because it may catch fire.

As for charcoal grills, the USFA report recommends using the proper starter fluid and to keep the fluid out of reach from children and heat sources. Furthermore, do not add fluid when the coals have been ignited. Doing so may ignite a flame that is larger than expected. Because as the report states, cooking accelerant is the leading cause of unreported fires and associated injuries

Make sure you own a fire extinguisher and are cleaning your grill from grease build-up, to aid in outdoor cooking safety.

Homeowners that grill a lot throughout the year should follow these tips to help ensure their properties and families stay safe. The USFA has plenty of fire prevention tips on their website to keep all of us safe and healthy.