Healthy diet to avoid higher insurance premiums

Maintaining a healthy diet means lower insurance premiums


A good way to boost one’s chances of having a long and healthy life is to stay focused on following a proper diet. It is especially important for individuals to consider this strategy when they are young enough to decrease their chances of developing any chronic diseases later in life.

The importance of a healthy diet has reached the White House, with First Lady Michelle Obama urging food manufacturers to focus more on marketing healthy products to children and others.

The first lady notes that children consume an average of 200 additional calories per day – just in the form of snacks, while portion sizes have also grown dramatically. She also points out that as of 2006, the average person spent 22 percent of their grocery budget on snacks and desserts, compared to 12 percent for fruits and vegetables.

The average consumer is also reportedly consuming 31 percent more calories than they did four decades ago, and Mrs. Obama says that sweeteners are being added to food “in amounts unimaginable just a generation ago.”

Let’s Move, a program launched by the first lady, is designed to help schools and, therefore, children get access to healthy food options. President Obama signed a memorandum creating the first ever Task Force concerning childhood obesity. Even on a budget, you can prioritize food choices to create well-balanced menus and healthy eating habits.

For those who want to follow a healthy diet, even reading the labels on food items can be tricky. Manufacturers often try to downplay the fat and salt content in a product by claiming it has two or more servings.

By eating healthier, though, people will have a far better chance of avoiding heart disease and diabetes, and the high medical costs and life insurance premiums that come with these chronic conditions.

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