How Much Do I Need to Exercise to Lose Weight? -

How Much Do I Need to Exercise to Lose Weight?

Maintaining your health is a simple step to increase your quality of life and pocketbook, especially when it comes to getting an affordable life insurance rate.

In 2008, the federal government released guidelines to help improve the heath of Americans aged six or older. These guidelines are aimed at helping you understand the health benefits of physical activity, learn how to properly execute these activities and assist others in participating.

According to the guidelines, adults should perform 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, or 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise, each week. Those hoping to add additional health benefits may increase their moderate-intensity exercise — running, bicycling or swimming — to 300 minutes a week.

It is also encouraged to add muscle-strengthening activities, such as squats, abdominal exercises or bench-press, at a moderate to high intensity at least two or more times a week. These activities will increase muscle strength and flexibility, which can help prevent future injuries.

These guidelines note that people who lead healthy, active lives are less likely to be obese, able to perform tasks or behaviors at a higher intensity, have a significantly lower risk of various cancers, and have a stronger mental health than those who are inactive.

But, according to an article by USA Today, most Americans either fail to meet these basic guidelines or achieve them but see little to no improvements. The article notes that a moderate exercise routine was insufficient to spark any real change to one’s body weight.

A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association came to a similar conclusion.

After tracking 34,000 women for 13 years, the researchers found that women who did not diet would have to perform 60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every day to avoid weight gain. This exercise regimen only worked for women with a normal body mass index – below 25 – while those with higher BMIs experienced more weight gain.

If a healthier life is desired, it is best to maintain a balanced diet along with a consistent exercise routine based on one’s current body mass. Pairing the two together will increase the longevity of one’s life and ensure an affordable life insurance rate.

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