How to Stay in Shape While Traveling -

How to Stay in Shape While Traveling


While the benefits of staying fit – including lower medical and life insurance costs – are well-known, it can still be difficult for people who are constantly on the road or in the air to keep up with an exercise regimen. Fortunately, health website FitnessGoop offers some helpful tips for frequent travelers.

One of the most important things for globe-trotting workers to keep in mind for fitness, the website says, is that they should always pack their workout gear. Beyond the simple expedient of having exercise equipment close at hand, bringing the jump rope or yoga mat along can help remind people to work up a sweat.

Guest passes to nearby local gyms or health clubs can also be important, according to FitnessGoop. Many pilates and yoga studios also offer drop-in rates which can help save money in the long run.

Other experts warn that it is easy to backslide on dietary issues when traveling. Skipping the fast food in the airport and getting a healthier meal later is almost always a good idea.

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