How do I prepare for a life insurance exam?

How do I prepare for a life insurance exam?

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You have completed your application for life or disability insurance and your physical examination is the next step in the underwriting process. You should discuss any concerns that you have with your adviser prior to your exam. Applications can be delayed if not thorough in completing the questions concerning your daily lifestyle.

A few days before the exam:

  • Eat well-balanced meals and keep hydrated to maintain acceptable blood pressure levels
  • Limit salt
  • Refrain from new and strenuous exercise prior to the exam
  • According to Tony Steuer, life and disability insurance analyst, Alcohol tends to increase the blood pressure reading so you should refrain from drinking at least for 24 hours
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Try to fast for at least 8 hours.

The day of the exam:

  • Bring a picture identification card, health insurance cards and member identification numbers
  • Avoid caffeine or soda and sports drinks
  • If a smoker, be honest but don’t smoke approximately 30 minutes before the exam because it will also elevate blood pressure
  • Provide your complete medical history
  • Supply a list of all names and dosages of medications you are taking

After the exam, you can request a copy of your lab tests directly from the insurance company in letter format. The life insurance provider pays for the exam and all information is strictly confidential.

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