How Marriage Improves Life -

How Marriage Improves Life

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In addition to increasing longevity, marriage may have additional health benefits that affect men and women differently, according to a study by British researchers.

Marriage may improve the physical health of husbands while promoting the mental well-being of wives. However, the study – published in the British Medical Journal – emphasizes that these positive results were found among happily married couples and that single people tend to be mentally healthier than individuals in bad marriages.

Some romantic relationships may actually cause more harm than good, as teenage romances were found to increase symptoms of depression among the demographic. However, those symptoms tend to decline with age, with researchers finding that 18 to 25 year-olds report better mental – but not physical – benefits when in a committed relationship.

According to Medical News Today, authors David and John Gallacher wrote that men benefit from long-term relationships because it often forces them to adopt healthier lifestyles, while “the mental bonus for women may be due to a greater emphasis on the importance of the relationship.”

The New York Times reports that doctors have been studying the benefits of a strong marriage for over a century, with various scientists discovering that married people are less likely to develop pneumonia, certain cancers and dementia. Some are even less likely to have heart attacks.

Troubled marriages, however, can create far more health issues than if she or he had never been married at all according to several studies.

Running out to get married to the wrong one is not the answer to your health concerns. Though, as always, true love can conquer more than we can realize.

With this in mind, adopting a healthier lifestyle can help lower your health and life insurance premiums.

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