Improve Your Life Insurance Physical Exam Results -

Improve Your Life Insurance Physical Exam Results

Your paramed can set the price you will pay for life insurance. Therefore, let LifeQuotes tell you how to improve your life insurance physical exam results.

Your medical exam for life insurance usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Along with the exam is a review of your medical history. There are simple ways to improve your life insurance physical exam results.

You can make the most out of preparing for your exam with some simple tips. It is important so that readings are accurate.  The exam tests your urine and blood so overdoing on any food or drink can cause erratic results. In some cases, electrocardiograms are given. Not all life insurance policies require an exam. However, if yours does, you can improve your results by keeping the following in mind:

Nicotine in your blood stream. If you denied being a smoker on the application, that can be a problem.

Minimize any fatty foods and salt a few days before.

Drugs, illegal or otherwise, will show up on the medical exam.

No caffeine It is a good idea to schedule your exam in the morning before your first cup of coffee. In fact, if you can cut back on the caffeine for 24 hours prior, you are better off.

Do not participate in any strenuous exercise, weightlifting or swimming the day before.

Avoid over-the-counter medications. Nasal decongestants and cough medicine can show a result of alcohol in the system.

If you have borderline high cholesterol, you may want to add fruits and vegetables to your diet a few weeks prior. Fish will also help as well as staying away from saturated fats. Green tea, walnuts, almonds and oatmeal every day can also lower the bad levels.

If you are not a smoker, stay away from secondhand smokers. Many non-smokers have found nicotine is in their blood stream despite never smoking. Though, they will be considered a smoker and pay those rates for life insurance regardless.

No alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours.

Do not eat for at least 8 hours prior to the exam and drink lots of water the day before.

Following these tips before your exam will help to improve your health and life insurance rates.