Offering the Lowest Life Insurance Rates Since 1984

Offering the Lowest Life Insurance Rates Since 1984

For 36 years, has been offering the lowest life insurance rates in an online or over the phone quoting process. Our quote engine is one of a kind and will take the information you give us regarding your health, family health history and lifestyle and filter your data to offer you the top plans best-suited to your unique needs.

Visit today and see how to secure your family’s financial well-being.

Our simple phone app will get you the lowest life insurance rates available anywhere. No paying for the cost of goofy television ad campaigns or hipster jargon. We also bring you a huge library of utterly free and unbiased insurance information articles to help you make your choice.

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Our catalog of articles provides you the best and most comprehensive, straight-shooting advice on every detail of the insurance buying process. It’s easier than weeding your way through the tangle of online insurance pitches, and in a matter of seconds you can anonymously compare insurance quotes and save big dollars while making sure your family is protected if the worst should happen.

Planning for the unexpected is what insurance it all about. Therefore, young and healthy indivduals, especially those with children, need to secure the financial well-being of their families for anything ahead life throws at them.

Find out more about the importance of life insurance by visiting Life Happens, a nonprofit organization “dedicated to helping Americans take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance and related products, including disability and long-term care insurance.”

Find the best life insurance rates – by comparing side-by-side and detailed quotes from 50 of the top and most trusted companies in the business – direct from the pioneers of the online insurance quoting business.

It costs you not one thin dime to use our bulletproof and websafe service to get the best insurance prices and coverage using our app.

If you’re more comfortable using online chat or the phone and talking to a friendly person? Our licensed & certified advisors are standing by to help you find the coverage you need.

We’re based in the heartland, Chicago, USA, the “city of big shoulders,” and we’re the most experienced online life insurance providers by a long stretch.

Policy Genius? I think not. Get the best life insurance rates from 50 top insurance companies without paying for goofy television ads. From the true pros since 1984…