Insurance Customers Want Sincere Customer Service -

Insurance Customers Want Sincere Customer Service

Three ways to buy life insurance


Recent studies have indicated that second to cost, customer care and understanding is still what make the difference in buying any kind of insurance product.

When purchasing insurance, besides your agent or broker’s knowledge in the industry, a customer service provider should show a sincere attitude for others’ needs. Skills for communication, product and selling can all be taught. But countless consumers feel that sincerity just cannot be taught.

Customers want the agent to listen, confirm that you will provide the best for their needs and be positive even if there are some concerns. If the customer wants to purchase a life insurance policy and has a terminal illness, a good provider should deliver care, concern and a positive attitude. Customers want providers to keep trying to find a solution to their needs.

If a customer had a problem with the provider or product early on and as a provider, you solved it, surveys have indicated that at least 70 percent will return to do business, especially if you apologized for the issue in the first place. Customers like providers who are timely and make them feel important.

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