Are You A Distracted Driver? Get Covered!

Despite all the attention currently focused on distracted driving by various media outlets, some people may find that they are engaged in other forms of dangerous activity behind the wheel.

One common example is people who drive with pets on their lap. Even those who keep their pets properly secured in the back seat may find themselves distracted if they turn around at all to tend to them or play with them while in a moving vehicle.

In fact, a recent survey from AAA found that about 20 percent of drivers acknowledged allowing their dog to sit on their lap while behind the wheel on errands, road trips and other outings. You can find this and other statistics on the AAA “Doggie Distractions Fact Sheet.”

The poll found that 59 percent of those motorists acknowledged that they had engaged in various forms of distracted behaviors while driving with pets in their lap, from feeding and petting them to playing with them.

Overall, such conduct may bring to mind the old saying, “it’s not you – it’s the other guy.” This concept also applies to life insurance as well. Even younger and healthier people can easily find their lives cut short by the careless actions of others.

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