Top Ten Qualities of a Good Life Insurance Agent -

Top Ten Qualities of a Good Life Insurance Agent


It is not always about the best price, but about the best options that work for you.

When searching for a reputable life insurance agent or broker, it’s important to make sure they’re willing to make a commitment to do the following:

1. To listen

2. To fully understand your financial situation

3. To document all personal information accurately

4. To carefully assess your health

5. To help answer questions concerning your age, marital status and dependents

6. To help you to understand options and how life insurance works

7. To never pressure you to buy but will continue to work with you, putting your needs first

8. To respond to your e-mails and phone calls in a timely manner

9. To have a strong knowledge of products available and licensed in your state

10. To be honest in their approach and keep your trust for a long-term partnership

In a recent NAIC survey, 79 percent of consumers indicated that they asked family and friends for insurance advice. But even if a close friend has recommended an agent or broker, check out that person or firm for signs of problems, which include customer complaints, lawsuits, and disciplinary actions by government regulators. Independent agents have contracts with several different insurance companies while a captive agent writes for just one. Insurance brokers are in search of the best insurance company to fit your needs.

Life insurance agents or brokers that are interested in your welfare will always periodically review with you any changes that you may need. They will also provide information concerning rate changes and fees.

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