What unhealthy behaviors can shorten life expectancy?

What unhealthy behaviors can shorten life expectancy?

shorten life expectancyBy LifeQuotes.com

Americans have long known that certain behaviors can result in dramatically shorter life expectancy rates. However, a recent study has identified four particular activities that can– over time– contribute to serious chronic health problems and result in higher health care and life insurance costs.

According to research that recently appeared in PLoS Medicine, a prominent medical journal by the Public Library of Science, four specific and common health issues – obesity, high blood pressure, smoking and elevated blood sugar levels – play a significant role in some of the disparities in life expectancy that can be found throughout the United States.

The group adds that smoking and high blood pressure present the most concern when it comes to life expectancy.

When applying for a life insurance policy, one common step is for people to get a physical exam and to have their records checked for any chronic conditions that could affect premium prices or make them uninsurable.

Start this new year with the best resolution you can; build a daily plan towards better health. Starting new healthy habits will help you kick those old, not-so-good ones to the curb. The Harvard School of Public Health offers the following exercise and diet tips to help you focus on a healthy lifestyle:

-Space your exercise time out, ten or 15 minutes throughout the day

-If stairs are available, use them.

-Get away from your TV, computer or…putter; do odd jobs around your home.

-Plan exercise into each day and keep a record of what you are doing.

-Drink water, tea, and coffee with little or no sugar.

-Replace potatoes and french fries with vegetables.

-Eat plenty of fruit and limit red meat.

Whether it’s gardening, jogging, or even dancing–find something you love that gets you moving. Taking the time to launch a regular exercise regime– in combination with a healthy diet– can afford prospective life insurance customers greater savings and a longer life.