Why whole life premiums are higher than temporary

Why whole life premiums are higher than temporary

whole life insurance costBy Life Quotes, Inc.

Whole life insurance premiums are significantly more expensive than their temporary counterparts – with good reason.

Depending on your financial obligations, whole life coverage may be the better policy option, according to a recent report by the Boston Globe. The policies not only last longer, but they also offer investment opportunities allowing them to build cash savings over time.

“The earnings on that cash value are used to pay part of the rising cost of insuring your life as you age, since your risk of dying increases with age,” the report says.

These savings may also be used to pay an estate tax incurred on larger assets, like family-owned businesses. However, most consumers do not have estates large enough to be taxed, according to the report, making term-life insurance the more affordable option.

Life insurance policies purchased to cover a specified number of years may be enough for individuals who don’t have long-term commitments or interests in investing. The coverage can protect a family’s financial well-being until their obligations are paid off and may offer renewal opportunities.

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