Life Insurance Policies Better Investment Than Gold

Life Insurance Policies Better Investment Than Gold

Gold is a commodity that some investors stockpile during times of economic strife, but cash value life insurance may be a more effective alternative.

It may be worth an investor’s while to invest not in the precious metal, but in a life insurance policy that accrues cash value, financial expert Dan Solin says.  He says a life insurance policy can serve as both an investment and a savings vehicle if designed properly.

Solin says cash value policies can provide a fixed income and can be viewed as an emergency fund, thereby permitting investors to be more aggressive in other areas of their portfolio. The returns on these policies can outperform after-tax returns on other securities, he says.

It is possible, Solin says, to design a cash value policy that accrues 90 percent of the first year’s premium if it is processed through a consultant at an insurance company rather than an insurance agent. Agents often get paid more from commissions than consultants.

Radio station KTAR in Phoenix says whole life insurance is growing in popularity because it provides a savings and investment component. Consumers believe whole life plans provide more stability than term life plans that don’t have these features.

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