Why snowmobile users need life insurance

Why Snowmobilers Need Life Insurance

Though consumers may enjoy a number of recreational activities during the winter, some are more dangerous than others, which is where proper life insurance coverage would be beneficial.

For example, recreational snowmobiling has become increasingly popular over the years, but it can be extremely dangerous. Each year the United States Product Safety Commission reports around 13,400 injuries and 110 fatalities due to Snowmobile accidents.

Most snowmobile accidents are, in fact, preventable since a majority of them are caused by mistakes made by the driver, improper use of the vehicle, driving under the influence of alcohol or inexperience with the geography of the land.

While drivers themselves cause a majority of the accidents, there are incidents that are not the driver’s fault – such as manufacturer defects, bad weather or poorly designed paths.

Considering the amount of accident-related injuries each year, consumers should consider life insurance protection before they hit the trails this winter.

Furthermore, the Illinois Department of Insurance is reminding people that they should make sure they are covered in other ways regarding the use of a snowmobile. They suggest the following tips:

-Adding an endorsement to a home insurance policy

-Adding an endorsement to an auto insurance policy

-Buying a policy specifically for recreational vehicles

-Considering an umbrella policy

Depending on the coverage, consumers will be protected for liability coverage along with protection against physical damages associated with accidents.