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Wildlife Collisions Can Turn Tragic in a Moment

By LifeQuotes.com

When it comes to staying safe behind the wheel, many people may be inclined to think about things like driving slowly on crowded streets and steering clear of pedestrians.

However, remote rural roads can be equally dangerous to drivers, even when they buckle up and obey the speed limit. This is because many parts of the country are home to wildlife that can cause life threatening accidents for both people and wildlife animals.

According to the conservation group Defenders of Wildlife, more than 200 people typically die in such incidents in any given year, while about 29,000 annual injuries also occur in this category.

The group points out that the average deer can weigh between 125 and 300 pounds, while a moose weighs as much as 1,600 pounds and stands an average of 6.2 feet high at its shoulders.

People on motorcycles are especially advised to be careful in areas rich with wildlife, because 85 percent of collisions between them and deer will result in a human fatality.

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